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Custom Label Estimation Request Form

You are welcome to submit your initial outline for any Lightspeed Retail Printout and our Team will assess and Estimate for you. There is no obligation.

If applicable, Supply Artwork / Layout

Please upload your finalized Artwork or a Rough Drawing, showing the layout of your proposed label.


Note :If you submit artwork or a rough mockup, please be aware that any changes you request, as we evolve after estimating and through the programming of the label, are likely to incur additional costs.

Therefore we encourage you to make sure the files that you submit are accurate in the details and layout of your requirements, as those are what our programming department will work off of directly.

Alternatively, you can choose to have AdVision’s Design Team customize the label for you, thus allowing you the flexibility to review and alter, before committing to programming.

Would you like to work with AdVision’s Design Team to create a final Artwork for your Label?

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What are the dimensions?

Imperial Metric

What Fields are you using?

Description Custom SKU Manufacturer SKU EAN UPC System SKU (System ID) Price MSRP Category Manufacturer Name Note Vendor Number

Do you have any Custom Field(s)?

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Are any area of what is seen on the label coming from your Matrix setups? (size/color for eg)

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Custom Matrix Name


Do you have any other Attributes? (need examples here)

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Do you want this label to be the ‘default label’ used when printing?

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Do you want this Custom Label to override an existing label size in Lightspeed Retail?

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Size to override

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1.25 x 1.00
2.20 x 0.50

Do you want to limit which items from your catalog will use on this label?

If so, how do you want to determine which items should be used on this label. For example: only items assigned to category ‘A’ should be used on this label.

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Are you needing to modify the Value encoded in the Barcode?

If so, describe what value you want in the barcode.

Note : "The Barcode can only be encoded with EAN13 or EAN8 valid values. You can test if a value is EAN valid using the tool at

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Other Details?

Please outline your thoughts and considerations for this label.

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